Digital Marketing Agency

We achieve what matters to you most, growing audiences, engaging with customers and generating demand.

Since 2000, we’ve understood that tailoring the marketing solution to the business is how impact-full results are achieved. We’ve also learn that putting users at the heart of what we do is how intuitive experiences that reach out and engage with customers are created.

This understanding has shaped a user centered approach that is custom built around each and every client’s business. Such an approach, combined with a pool of talent that is experienced, creative and embraces all things digital ensures that we consistently deliver successful projects and campaigns that accomplish tangible commercial objectives.

Era Tech is a digital marketing agency with a strong heritage in search that builds Connected Brands. Connected brands are those that are emotionally and digitally connected to their customers. These connections increase customer loyalty and value, and improve acquisition.



We Think : we research, plan and strategies for any campaign, big or small.

We use the opportunities of digital to meet communications, market and product challenges. Plan assets and campaigns.



We Create: we build digital assets for your campaigns.

We build beautiful assets, from websites and videos, to banner adverts and applications.



We Engage: we drive traffic to your assets and build relationships using a variety of online channels.

We use channels to drive traffic to your assets and build relationships with customers.



We Optimize: every step of the way, we use data and analysis to make your assets and relationships work better.

We track and analysis to understand how assets and campaigns are performing. Derive insight to improve and test assets and campaigns.